IT Career Assessment

A IT career assessment is one which surveys the field of Information Technology and judges the options available to a potential IT professional. This can be done in many ways. An aspiring IT professional can opt to conduct the assessment himself, or he can entrust this responsibility to others who are more likely to be well versed in this kind of an assessment. The assessment will be completed based on the candidate’s own preferences and the current trends in the field.

Sample IT Career Assessment:

Name of client: Martha Jacobs

Name of company conducting the IT career assessment on behalf of client: Career Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Due date of complete IT career assessment report: 12th June 2011

Qualification of client: B. Tech degree in Information Technology

Interests in the field:

  • The client has shown, through predesigned tests, a keen interest in boosting the IR capabilities of companies and business enterprises.
  • Apart from this, she also shows a keen desire to make a foray into the world of software development, gaming and OS development.

Academic qualification: The client has the requisite degree with strong performance in most semesters. Apart from this she also has participated in reputed tech fests, created strong programs of her own and also won the prestigious NatRoy IT Trophy in 2011.

Results of the IT career assessment: We recommend that the client pursue a job in the field of application and software development. This field is growing at a fast rate and is expected to register a 28% increase by 2018. Whereas initial starting salaries might be around 30,000USD per annum, promotions and placements will increase that to around 60,000USD per annum.

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