IT Infrastructure Assessment

An IT infrastructure assessment is a document which contains a comprehensive outline of the existing IT setup of a company, institution, business and so on, and determines the changes that are necessary to upgrade the existing setup. Thus, it is periodically compiled after investigative exercises are conducted by trained and skilled IT professionals.

The IT infrastructure assessment can be conducted by the workers of the institution themselves or by professionals who are hired from external agencies. The document is a crucial report and the findings of the team of analysts must be represented properly in the IT Infrastructure assessment report.

Sample IT Infrastructure Assessment

This is an extract from the IT Infrastructure Assessment report abstract created by SyncSols Pvt. Ltd. for Texas Health Clinic, 4 Mapleton Avenue, Dallas.

What is the need for IT Infrastructure Assessment for a rural health clinic?

A rural health clinic, like our client, faces certain specific and unique IT snags like the absence of continuous internet access, go-live snags, the need to tie-up with a vendor which can even be the local hospital, determination of number of computer terminals, systems operations setup, the presence and working condition of peripheral devices like printers and the need to conduct workflow analyses and create an IT Infrastructure based on the findings of the same.

Factors examined as part of the IT Infrastructure assessment:

  • Existing network capabilities, servers, computers and other peripheral devices.
  • The presence of a skilled and trained workforce which can operate the devices and perform basic troubleshooting as well.
  • The need for a gap analysis to determine the differences between the IT infrastructure that exists and the additional changes which will have to be made.
  • The kind of resource allocation that will have to be done to ensure the upgrading to a more comprehensive and well backed-up IT infrastructure system.

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