IT Needs Assessment

The IT needs assessment of an institution, company or business organization is a thorough survey of the existing IT infrastructure of the client concerned and the creation of a comprehensive and systematic plan to improve, rectify, change and support the client’s IT requirements.

An IT needs assessment is a document which is presented in the form of a report by the IT analysts involved in the project and it is a crucial document which can change the face of the institution for which it is being created.

Sample IT Needs Assessment

IT needs assessment Report for Oklahoma State University, Department of English

Date of submission of IT needs assessment report: 12th June 2011

IT needs assessment report submitted by: Das Ding Pvt. Ltd.

Project Overview:

This IT needs assessment report is to create a comprehensive document outlining the IT needs of the Department of English in Oklahoma University after a directive from the Executive Council of the University on 31st March 2011. The aim of this project is to assess the current IT setup and facilities of the department, identify flaws and gaps and provide suggestions to fill up those gaps.

Strategy for IT needs assessment:

The investigative panel consisting of 4 IT experts headed by Silvia Smith shall focus on the following areas to arrive at a conclusion:

  • Student surveys to determine the needs of students and to incorporate their feedback.
  • Interview protocol and initial IT survey to determine the existing IT system and infrastructure and then to frame the follow-up plans.
  • To equip and qualify professionals with the skills to deliver IT-delivered services and self-maintained services in order to create a team who can handle the localized IT needs of the department.
  • To determine the existing condition of student labs, voice response systems, systems security, WebCT, network operations, Helpdesk, Novell, and Lotus Notes Email and so on and suggest improvements which can be accommodated.

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