IT Portfolio Assessment

An IT portfolio is a repository of an individual’s, company’s or business organization’s projects which are then called digital artefacts. The IT portfolio can be created for anyone, and it serves to make the individual or the company’s work more public and liable to be disseminated though subject to copyright laws. Thus, it is a good way of exploring the skills of the individual or the company and judge their merit.

Sample IT Portfolio Assessment

IT portfolio assessment report to be submitted on: 12th June 2012

IT portfolio assessment report to be submitted by: Jason Rogers, Professor, Department of Computer Science, Princeton University.

What is meant by an IT or e-portfolio – Overview of the Grading Digital Portfolio

This IT portfolio or e-portfolio assessment is based on a need to grade students of government colleges in a more comprehensive, holistic and accurate manner. In order to move away from the examination-oriented and grade-driven GPA model of grading, every student will now be marked on the basis of their IT portfolio, which will be a repository of term papers, project assignments, blogs, posts on course-pages on social networking sites, e-profiles on educational sites, Wikipedia page entries and so on.

Why should this method of grading digital artefacts be adopted – Methods employed in designing the Portfolio

The IT or e-portfolio that each student shall be obliged to create will be graded according to the popularity of the student’s digital artefacts, and the rapidity of their dissemination, apart from the usual norms of quality, depth of research and source materials used. This kind of collectivization and creation of an IT or e-portfolio will serve as a touchstone for fellow academicians as well and increase the networking chances of the student.

Please check the attached documents for a complete overview of the project, its pros and cons and the resources required, as well as comparative analyses of e-portfolios with ordinary grading systems.

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