IT Self Assessment

A IT self assessment is an exercise whereby an IT professional evaluates himself, especially after training sessions, to determine whether he meets the eligibility criteria of this field, whether he has mastered the required techniques to succeed in the field and whether he is job worthy. Such an assessment is a self assessment and is usually done in the form of answers to a questionnaire. Thus, it is an extremely important step where the individual judges and determines his own suitability for this job.

Sample IT Self Assessment:

The following is a brief extract from an IT self assessment form handed over to students at the end of the three month Job Training Course conducted by our team at Career Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Name: Rob Roy

Date of birth: 13th June 1986

Qualifications: B Tech in Information Technology, George Washington University

Purpose of attending the training session:

  • To improve core skills in the subject
  • To network with likeminded colleagues in the same field
  • To look for better job opportunities

I am currently employed as: Software engineer, TechSols Pvt. Ltd.

Contact number:

My basic skills: I am extremely proficient in most of the programming languages used by operators today. I have also had some experience designing programs for high end technology based companies like Mirage. My talent lies in game designing, software and OS designing. I am comfortable with new innovative software. I am also able to detect programming errors in newly developed software.

Improvements required: I must learn how to work in a team. I also need to gather some added skills in order to secure a better chance in the IT job market.

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