IT Skills Assessment

An IT skills assessment is a document which identifies the skills and capability of an individual regarding Information Technology and its use. Such an assessment must be tabulated and presented in the form of a report to the concerned authorities. The IT Skills assessment must be written by a professional who is well-versed in the process of representing such an exercise.

It is an important document and can be compiled by an educational instructor, an employer with regards to his employee or a client with regards to the IT experts hired by him for a particular reason. The IT skills assessment report must be accurate and attractively presented.

Sample IT Skills Assessment

This is part of the assessment of the “SKILLS IN IT” course offered by the Department of Computer Science, University of Michigan.

Name of student: Jason Keller

Course: Skills in It

Course Coordinator: Dr. Mimi Rogers

Level aimed at: Intermediary

Date of Assessment: 12th July 2011. 11 am to 1 pm, in Baker Laboratories.

Assessment based on the following parameters:

  • The student is tested on whether he or she can use software packages effectively by understanding the instructions of using them, as well as figuring alternate routes whenever deliberate obstacles have been placed by the examiners.
  • Whether the student has developed the critical acumen to decide on the advantages and disadvantages of IT Solutions and is open to feedback from others on work that is characterised by discipline, integrity and sincerity.
  • Whether the student can create and use information technology skills for a long period of time, develop requisite software and inspect their progress and so on.


The student has performed very well in the information research records, personal skills audit and in maintaining a monitoring progress work sheet for the software he was required to develop.

Overall score: 79/100

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