IT Strategy Assessment

An IT Strategy assessment is a document which provides a blueprint for an IT company with regards to the development, change, addition to or deviation from the existing IT setup of a company. It is a crucial document which is of great importance in the vision of a company since IT is the basis on which a company’s merit is often judged and which is crucial to the daily workings of the company.

The document should comprise of the findings of various members of the investigative team and should outline a coherent and substantial strategy for improvement of IT infrastructure in the client company.

Sample IT Strategy Assessment

The following is an extract from the IT Strategy Assessment Report prepared by Jason Hart and Sons Pvt. Ltd. for the client GENX Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The original report was tabulated on the 23rd of March 2011, and the following extract is reprinted with due permission from the owners of the report.

Aims of the IT Strategy Assessment:

  • To establish the quality of service dictums and criteria, so that it is clear to all members of the client company as well as to the customers.
  • To determine the baseline of change by highlighting the drivers of change and how this change may affect the IT industry.
  • To analyse the existing IT infrastructure of the client company and the visions of the business plans.
  • To outline the changes which are required and functions which must be added to support further business expansion.

Strategy to be followed:

  1. Identification of business goals, business drivers and aims and forging of a new IT strategy on the basis of that.
  2. Review of principles on the basis of which the contemporary IT architecture is to be built.
  3. To create a qualified and trained workforce which will be IT-savvy and which can handle the technicalities of the setup on its own.

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