IT Technical Assessment

An IT technical assessment report is a document which contains the findings of an investigating panel or team regarding the flaws and threats to the existing IT infrastructure of a company, business organization, institution or individual. It is an important document which consists of the conclusions reached in such an analysis. The analysis or assessment is periodically required especially in the case of institutions of companies whose data is of a sensitive nature. Thus, the potential threats must be identified and steps to ensure their removal must be documented in the IT technical assessment report.

Sample IT Technical Assessment

Nature of IT technical assessment: IT Security Risk Assessment.

IT technical assessment compiled by: Jensen Group of Data Analysts Pvt. Ltd.

IT technical assessment compiled for: Sync Sols Pvt. Ltd.


The client hereby gives Jensen Group of Data Analysts Pvt. Ltd. the complete and unequivocal access to its IT systems, network groups, facilities, workers, technology analysts and so on. Both parties understand and affirm the need for the IT Technical Assessment which is in the nature of an IT Security Assessment.

Date of submission of IT technical assessment report: 12th June 2012.

Purpose of the IT technical assessment report:

n  To ensure that necessary security controls have been inserted in the IT system of the client company.

n  To identify and bridge the gaps between the existing technical setup and the required technical infrastructure.

n  To ensure that corporate security policies are upheld and all changes made conform to the abovementioned security policies.

Strategy to be followed:

  • Phase 1: Identification of potential risks and study of existing system.
  • Phase 2: Review of documents and scan for greater vulnerabilities.
  • Phase 3: Analysis of data and briefing of report.

Note: Our security analysts are all holders of vendor-neutral security risk assessment certifications including the CISSP and the CISA certifications.

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