Job Assessment Format

A job assessment format is an outline of the analysis on various aspects of a job. Whether it is candidates applying for jobs in a particular firm or the existing employees in a certain company, an assessment format of the above type applies to both the sections. While the former explores general information about the applicant and thoroughly evaluates his/ her performance in the interview to assess the chances of being employed, the latter generally revolves around the performance of workers or an assessment of their safety.

Sample Job Assessment Format

Name of the Company: _____________________________

Assessment of the job done by: _________________________________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of a job assessment format is generally an overview of the individual who is being assessed. In case of an applicant, it involves his as well as the interviewer’s name, the date of interview, position and the department of job he is specifically applying for. For an employee, the format slightly differs. It simply includes his own name, the name of the head of the department (if he is working under someone), his respective department and the post he occupies.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph provides an extensive research report on the evaluation of the candidate’s performance in various fields in terms of his knowledge, experience, attitude, inter-personal skills, etc. For the employee also it is almost similar with the knowledge and experience factors replaced by performance and potential to develop new and profitable ideas for the company.

Third Paragraph: This is the final assessment paragraph wherein the strengths and weaknesses of the concerned individual is analyzed and henceforth a final decision is stated as to whether or not the candidate will be hired or an employee will be granted promotion.

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