Job Assessment Template

A job assessment template is a particular layout that has been designed to assess the various aspects of a job thoroughly, by considering the skills of a candidate applying for the job or the performance of an employee who is already doing the job. Such a template may also assess and determine the output of some training given to workers or the results of some tests conducted and perform accurate evaluations for proper assessment of the various fields of the job.

Sample Job Assessment Template

Name of the Company: __________________________ [mention the name of the firm which is conducting the assessment]

Job Assessment prepared by: _______________________________ [mention name(s) of individual(s) who is/ are conducting the assessment and framing a report for it]

Sponsors for the job assessment: _____________________________ [mention the names of all investors and even fundraisers who would provide sponsorship for the assessment]

Date of submission: _________________________ [give the proper date on which the assessment report is to be submitted]

General information: [provide exact details as required]

  • Name of the applicant/ employee: _______________________________ [mention the employee/ candidate’s name whose job is being assessed]
  • Employee No. / Candidate Reg. No. ______________________ [provide the identification number of the applicant/ employee]
  • Date: __________________ [give the date when the interview was held/ the date of test for the employee. In case of training, provide the entire time period]
  • Department and position of job: ________________________________ [mention the concerned department name and the position for which the candidate has applied/ in which the employee is working]

Evaluation Table: [This would include various fields of job in which the individual has been assessed and would be represented in a tabular form]

Field of concern: ______________________               Poor ____     Good ____   excellent _____        [You would write the field under scrutiny and then tick the appropriate result]

Strengths and weaknesses: ___________________________ [mention the qualities as observed in the assessed individual]

Final verdict: _______________________________ [It is to be mentioned here if the applicant would be employed or not/ the employee would be granted promotion or not]

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