Job Capacity Assessment

Job capacity assessment is the evaluation or assessment of an individual’s ability or capacity to fulfill job expectations. It seeks to find out his work capacity, identify the hurdles which he is facing, and recommends suggestions to overcome those hurdles. It is conducted by a professional like an occupational psychologist, who prepares the report on the basis of counseling and judging the person’s past job and medical reports.

Sample Job Capacity Assessment:

Job capacity assessment conducted for: Mr. Roger Herford.

Job capacity assessment conducted by: Dr. George Smith, occupational psychologist.

Date of report submission: 10th of March, 2010.

Purpose of the assessment:

  • To find out the work capacity of the individual, and identify the barriers he is facing.
  • To recommend possible suggestions for overcoming those barriers.

Methods of assessment:

  • The assessor examined the concerned person’s past academic records, his previous job profiles, and his medical reports, to judge his physical and mental health.
  • An interview with the person concerned, to know more about the barriers he is facing and the kind of job, which he thinks is preferable for him.
  • A short questionnaire was given to the person, which he filled up.

Assessment report:

The reports show that the person in concern is capable of doing any kind of desk job, which deals with creativity and writing, such as advertising, content writing, web designing and other related works. The primary barrier which he is facing is communication skill. The assessment reveals that the person is introvert in nature, and hence lacks efficient communication skills. His medical reports are all perfect and do not pose any problem.


Any soft skill course can prove to be beneficial for enhancing his communication skills. Counseling can prove to be beneficial for him.

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