Job Competency Assessment

Job competency assessment refers to the assessment or evaluation of an individual or a group’s competency level for a particular job position(s). Job competency assessment is done by employers before recruiting new employees, and also of the present employees, to analyze the level of their competency. It is important for the purpose of recruitment, promotion, etc.

Sample Job Competency Assessment:

Name of the company: Breeze Clothing Pvt. Ltd.

Job Competency assessment conducted for: Mr. Ronald Gray.

Job competency assessment conducted by: Mr. David Colbert, recruitment manager.

Date of report submission: 15th of March, 2011.

Purpose of assessment:

  • To find out the competency level of the individual, for the purpose of promotion.
  • To identify the loopholes and shortcomings of the individual, so that he can work on them and overcome them.

Method of assessment:

  • The past work records like presentations, promotions, projects, etc. of the individual were analyzed and evaluated, and they were compared with his academic reports,
  • The person’s talents, potentials and soft skills were evaluated and analyzed.
  • A rapid interview was taken to find out the areas, where the person is competent to work.

Assessment report:

The report shows that the person in concern is competent enough to work in the field of product promotion and marketing and has shown brilliant work in this field, in the past five years. He has good communication skill, which if polished more, can enhance his quality. The quality of his presentations is good enough to attract clients.

Competency Rating: 9/10.

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