Job Interest Assessment

A job interest assessment document is clearly the one that helps to determine an individual’s interest in the particular job he/ she is about to undertake. It is really very important for any person to first decide how much he/ she is interested in performing some particular work and then only plunge in for that. Though self-assessments are prevalent for such purposes, now-a-days several companies often conduct such assessments before they confirm a job to new-comers.

Sample Job Interest Assessment:

Name of candidate: Michelle Rose

Age: 23 years

Company Name: Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Company Profile:

Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a company that manufactures all sorts of technical gadgets and provides efficient services related to them. It is a renowned company that has been in business for a long span of 10 years and the employees here sincerely respect the brand name created by Tech Solutions.

The candidates who are to be employed in this slot should hence understand this and apply only if interested and promise to be dedicated.

Date of assessment: 26th March, 2011

Assessment prepared by: Mr. Mike Anthony, Management Head

Assessment supervised by: Mr. David Warne, Chairperson

Details of the course of assessment:

  • The candidate was subject to a series of analytical and psychological tests so as to assess her interest in the concerned field of job.
  • The assessment involved a section of logical reasoning and testing of technical knowledge.
  • A questionnaire was also required to be filled up, the questions involving issues that gauge the exact level of interest in this area of job.


Michelle has been assessed thoroughly and found to possess a sharp technical knowledge and is very much interested in this particular job. She can be safely handed the responsibility and will surely perform it with complete dedication.

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