Job Interview Assessment

Job interview assessment is an appraisement that is prepared after the interview of some candidate gets completed and the results are to be assessed before the final verdict of whether or not to employ the particular individual. Generally, an interview involves round of questionnaire and interactions with the interviewers or higher authority members from different department; the decisions as stated by them are to be summed up and evaluated in a job interview assessment.

Sample Job Interview Assessment:

Name of the interviewee: Jonathan Peterson

Age: 25 years

Educational qualification: Masters in Sociology

Date of assessment: 15th January, 2011

Assessment conducted by: The Teletimes Group of Companies

Team members: Miss Jane Roberts, Managing Head

Mr. David Jacobson, HR Manager

Assessment commissioned by: Central Employment Council, New York

Purpose of assessment:

The basic purpose underlying the job interview assessment is to have a complete overview of the candidate’s performance in the interview and hence judge his suitability to qualify for this particular job.

Details of interview assessment:


After having interviewed Jonathan comprehensively, the members of the interview panel have recognized him as an excellent candidate who possesses complete and proper knowledge regarding the field of study, his job and the corresponding market and its demands. He can well relate his education with his work and act accordingly so as to benefit all.


The candidate has been found to possess perfect skills with which he exhibits his practical knowledge in this field of work.

Attitude and behaviour:

The interviewers have all been highly satisfied with Jonathan’s presentation of courtesy, decency and politeness. Also, he possesses the true spirit of a leader as well as a team-worker and will thus make for a real sociologist.

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