Job Match Assessment

A job match assessment, as the term clearly denotes, implies an evaluation document that would bring forth the associativity level of a person in a particular job, or that of a client and some company, or between two or more firms in a corporate sector. The basic purpose of such an assessment document is to find out how well one matches with a particular job and underline the areas of improvement, if any.

Sample Job Match Assessment:

Name of the company: Grewall Paper-works Pvt. Ltd

Job being assessed: Senior Manager, Marketing and Sales

Nature of job:

The company does business by manufacturing a wide range of materials, the primary base of which is paper. It is not just note-books that we produce; we even make gift items, bags and many other stuffs with paper. The marketing and sales section is a significant wing of our company because whatever we produce is meant for customers and hence it is very much important to market them well enough to increase the sales each day.

Job Match:

The match of the job in the present day context can be easily established, considering the various points as stated below:

  • Our products are all made of eco-friendly paper and will not cause any harm to the environment.
  • We manufacture a wide range of items, many of which were still now being made of plastic, thereby helping reduce plastic consumption to a considerable extent so as to decrease the rate of pollution caused by plastics.
  • The paper-products can be recycled.
  • The products are made quite cheap and affordable to all, without any compromise in the quality and durability.


The assessment evidently concludes that the job fits well with the requirements of both nature and human beings, and can prosper well if performed genuinely.

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