Job Performance Assessment

Job performance is a concept defined in organizational and industrial psychology to state the performance of a person holding a job position. It could be gauged by the help of a job performance assessment where an individual is assessed to find whether he is rightly meeting the goals of his acquired job position or not.

Sample Job Performance Assessment

Name of the organization: Scientific Pharmaceutical Company

Name of the employee: Peter Ferro

Associated with the organization for: 5 years

Current Designation: Executive Sales Manager


This assessment document has been solicited by the company’s Board-of-Directors to gauge the job performance of each employee. This is an initiative taken by the authority to improve its business outcome in the coming future.

Tools used for assessment:

  • Various data have been collected on different aspects from which the employee’s efficiency and quality of the deliverables is being gauged.
  • Job competency and performance model is being used to give a clear picture to the overall assessment and present the conclusions in a lucid manner. This presentation gives a clear view to both the employers and employees to identify the areas which need improvement for increasing the efficiency of the job position further.

Assessment Conclusion:

Through a thorough analysis of closely related factors associated with this job position, it has been found that the employee is delivering his best effort and is successful in maintaining a consistent performance throughout. However, to satisfy the production preference in the long run, he needs to undergo some job specific trainings so that the effectiveness of his performance for the particular job position becomes even more significant.

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