Job Readiness Assessment

A job readiness assessment is basically a document that outlines the factors and aspects which declare a certain individual to be ready for a particular job. This form of an assessment is being undertaken as a crucial pre-interview policy in many companies and business firms so as to thoroughly evaluate a candidate’s all-round performance and skills possessed, before taking the vital decision of induction. Individuals can even assess themselves as far job-readiness is concerned.

Sample Job Readiness Assessment:

Name of applicant being assessed: Mark Stewart

Age: 27 years


  • 4-year degree course in Software Engineering.
  • Performed various projects in this particular field during the course of study.
  • Certificates in programming languages and efficient programming ability, from the U.S School of Computers.

Assessment factors and details:

Academic knowledge:   Mark has been found to have a strong hold in his subject and is thorough with the concepts. His grades throughout the course of study completely correspond with the interview test results.

Job intelligence:  The applicant has been assessed on his understanding of the work environment and awareness regarding the actual course of job. He has quite good information of these aspects.

Client acquaintance:  Mark has been examined to be having a sound knowledge regarding the type of clients he has to specifically deal with and the norms to be followed hence.

Inter-personal and communication skills:  These are perhaps the most important criteria required to be fulfilled by job-seekers now-a-days and the candidate smartly possesses the same. He can well interact with seniors as well as his own peer group.

Responsibility handling: Mark not only takes up responsibilities readily but also fulfills them with equal dedication.

Assessment result:

The candidate, Mark Stewart, has been assessed thoroughly and can be declared perfectly ready for the job, with obviously basic training to be given, which can surely be able to adopt well and help the company prosper.

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