Job Risk Assessment

Job risk assessment describes the assessment result of the risks identified and noted down for a particular job. All jobs have some degree of risks whether implicit or explicit that makes this assessment a very crucial one. It is important to learn the potential risk zones of a job so that premeditated actions can be taken against them.

Sample Job Risk Assessment

Name of the candidate: Norman Caldwell

Address: 7, Floor Avenue, German Apartments, Liverpool

Job post: Vehicle driver

Date of assessment: 13th July, 2011

Name of the institution: Oreo Driving and Motor Services

Job overview: The candidate has to drive four wheeler cars which are hired by clients for the time bound by the contract or to transport packages to on-site locations. There is no fixed time boundary and the driver has to obey the commands of the passenger and drive him to the said destinations.

Basic requirements:

  • Training in driving motor vehicles
  • General knowledge about traffic rules and signals
  • A valid driving licence

Environmental risks:

  • Sudden weather disruptions like avalanches, hailstorms, thunder rains, hurricanes cause potential threat to the job.
  • Wild beasts may attack vehicles in forlorn places especially at nights.
  • Innocent harmless creatures may fall prey to the rash driving and get knocked down indiscriminately.
  • Same risks apply for humans too who sleep on roads and remain ignorant to the loaded trucks plying on the paths.

Personal risks:

The driver may have to face accidents from slips, falls and sparks ranging from mild to severe because of collision, inebriated behaviour, carelessness and inattention.

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