Job Values Assessment

The job values assessment is a document that puts forth the ethics and morals demanded by a particular job, depending on the area of its functioning, prospective clientele base, products manufactured, and services offered, etc. Values are inherent assets to and for any profession and should be possessed by every person in the job, irrespective of the position he/ she holds. Hence an assessment of the job values is very much significant especially in the present-day context when values are fast eroding.

Sample Job Values Assessment:

Name of the organization: Help and Care Foundation for Women and Children

Job assessment done on: Social Workers in the organization

Details of the job:

The Help and Care Foundation for Women and Children is a charitable unit run by the Future Group of Companies. It consists of several people who serve the \needs of the people in need and also induces teachers and trainers who can help out the needy by teaching them techniques to utilize their qualities and abilities for personal and the foundation’s benefit to some extent.

Job values:

Considering the nature of job, it is obvious that whoever takes up the job should be a person of true spirit and high moral values. There are certain aspects of the ethical qualities desired in a person in this job, such as:

  • The person should thoroughly understand and genuinely respect the actual condition of the section of people he/ she works/ will be working for.
  • It is necessary that the social worker does not only perceive of the needy as elements of mercy but should also recognize their abilities and help them improve at their skills so as to make them independent and contribute in their upliftment.
  • The worker needs to be patient to give enough attention to each of the people under his/ her concern.
  • Just because this charitable organization comes under a renowned banner and offers a proper salary does not mean that one takes it just for a job. It is very important that one should do it from a personal urge to help people in need and should thus take up the work sincerely.

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