Kidney Health Assessment

Kidney is one of the important organs of our urinary system which significantly contributes in homeostatic function of the body. A kidney health assessment helps to determine the efficiency and quality of the health of the kidney and related organs in an individual’s body.

Sample Kidney Health Assessment

Public Kidney Health Assessment of 2011

Kidney Health Assessment Conducted by: National Foundation for Kidney Health

Date of conducting the assessment: 5th January 2011

Purpose of the assessment:

This assessment is being conducted by “National Foundation for Kidney Health” with an intention to identify the kidney health of general population and creating general awareness as per the report.

Name of the participant:  Jennifer Frankston

Contact Details: House no: 56, Yellow Street, New Mexico, USA

Age of the participant: 25 years

Gender: Female

Elements that is being assessed:

  • Regulation of homeostatic function: The participant claimed to have a proper homeostatic function and has denied facing any complexity in urinary system till date.
  • Sodium-Potassium Ration: From the blood samples it has been found that the presence of sodium ion is less than the normal range. This shows excess excretion of sodium along with urine.
  • Kidney test: Through thorough kidney test, it has been found that all the layers are distinct and no unnecessary growth is observed on the surface of the kidney. Both the kidneys are functioning well and are properly dilated.

Overall Assessment of kidney health:

Through a thorough observation and assessment it has been found that kidney health is well maintained. However, the cause of depletion of sodium rate in blood is not properly identified.

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