Kids Career Assessment

Kid’s career assessment refers to the process of planning career for children coherently. It helps children confront their incapability and brave the situation by taking the career decision in way such that it suits their abilities and ambitions. It must be done enthusiastically by school authorities as a part of regular curriculum to uncover kids potential that make for a fulgent future.

Sample Kids’ Career Assessment

Name of the student: Jay Horizon

Sex: Male

Age: 12 years

Grade: Sixth standard

Assessment carried out by: Fame High School

Name of the personnel: Miss Jessica Simpson, Educational Counsellor

Objective of assessment: It is supposed to help the student and his parents take the right career decision for the child’s future depending on the indications given in the assessment results.

Nature of assessment: Since the candidate is too young to be evaluated for a particular job position or specialised career, the assessment is based on finding out his range of proclivity and propensity.

Assessment extracts:

  • The child is highly inclined towards mathematics and has fared very well in most of the achievement tests throughout the session.
  • Parents have reported that he is seen playing with battery-operated toys and excitingly exploring their parts in his leisure.
  • He has a great predilection for computers and laptops.

Interpretation of the report:

From the extracts it may be said that the concerned child is suitable for a career in mechanics or engineering given his tastes and preferences. He may go for scientific jobs requiring logical manipulation of machines and use of mechanical skills in solving hands-on problems.

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