Leadership Assessment Format

A leadership assessment format is one which identifies and outlines the leadership skills of an individual, be it in a company or in case of a project demanding the skills of a leader. Every individual has his own strengths and weaknesses. A leadership assessment format helps judge his strengths as a leader against his weaknesses and arrive at a favorable conclusion.

Sample Leadership Assessment Format

Name of candidate: ___________________________________

Leadership assessment report created by: ____________________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of a leadership assessment format must outline the nature of the leadership assessment being conducted. The purpose of such an exercise, the condition in which it is being conducted as well as the point of such an exercise are all factors which must be mentioned in order to create a coherent leadership assessment report. The leadership assessment format must also identify the tools used for such an exercise.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph of a leadership assessment format must focus on identifying and expanding on the actual methods of leadership assessment themselves. For example, the Briggs-Myers personality test is often used to determine the leadership skills of a candidate. Certain approved tools are used for a leadership assessment format and these must be clearly mentioned. The report must be clear and unbiased. It is in the best interests of the company to nominate its best potential leaders in positions of responsibility.

Third paragraph: The third paragraph of the leadership assessment format must forma fitting conclusion. The findings obtained in the leadership assessment must be presented in a logical manner.

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