Leadership Assessment Template

A leadership assessment template is one which outlines the leadership traits of a candidate. Leadership skills are much in demand at offices everywhere so that important positions and responsibilities can be delegated to the correct persons. A leadership assessment template must be written after a lot of research and deliberation.

Sample Leadership Assessment Template

Name of candidate: ___________________________ [Mention the name of the candidate for whose leadership skills are being tested]

Leadership assessment report prepared by: _____________________ [Mention the concerned department of an office entrusted with the responsibilities of leadership assessment]

Date of submission of leadership assessment: ______________________________ [dd/mm/yy] [Mention the relevant date]

Leadership assessment tools used:

  • Test 1: ___________________________________
  • Test2: ____________________________________
  • Test 3: ____________________________________ [Mention the leadership assessment tools used in the leadership assessment by the assessing agents]

Results of Briggs-Myers test: ________________________________________ [Mention the results of the Briggs-Myers test, which is often a determinant factor in leadership assessment tests]

Results of the leadership assessment:

  • Finding 1: ____________________________
  • Finding 2: ____________________________
  • Finding 3: _____________________________ [Briefly enlist the findings of the results of the leadership assessment, elaborating on each individual finding to provide enlightening comments]

Result of SCORE test: _______________________________________ [Mention the relevant data]

Temperament and attitude of the candidate: _______________________________ [Briefly elaborate on the temperament and attitude of the candidate which will reflect on the result of the leadership assessment]

Progress of the candidate in his job space so far: _______________________________ [Mention the professional performance of the candidate in question in order to determine his leadership skills]

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