Leadership Assessments

Leadership assessments are effective practice to measure leadership potential by judging the behavioural and personal traits of an individual. Such a process is conduced widely in teaching institutions, employer organizations and at workplaces. To commence a leadership assessment, self awareness & management, support leadership development and   performance oriented questionnaires are prepared to record the honest answers of students & employees. Behavioural test and leadership personality investigation are the vital tools being used to document the leadership assessment. To identify the deserving future leaders and spotting strengths & weakness of existing leaders, a leadership assessment acts as one of the important methods.

Types of Leadership Assessment:

  • 360 degree Leadership Assessment
  • Pre hire & Selection Leadership Assessment
  • Organizational Leadership Assessment
  • Student Leadership Assessment, etc

Underneath mentioned factors must be considered to prepare a leadership assessment document:

  • Decide the format of a leadership assessment such as an interview quiz, written test, online form and questionnaire, etc.
  • Emphasize upon the defined leadership traits such as motivational skills, team diving abilities, coaching & development and emotional intelligence to complete a successful leadership assessment.
  • Employ the influence strategies such as gaining power & handling pressure, team development behaviour, creativity of individual, diagnosing dissatisfactory performance & motivating positive attitude and effective delegation, etc in a leadership assessment.
  • Carefully notice the expressions and understand the chosen answers to document the leadership capabilities of each candidate in a leadership assessment.
  • Complete the leadership assessment by sealing & signing the document.
  • Do not forget to mention if there is any specifically remark in a leadership assessment.

Hence, a leadership assessment plays an important role to measure the instinctive leadership qualities of individuals.

Sample Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessment Format

Leadership Assessment Template

360 Degree Leadership Assessment

Pre Hire and Selection Leadership Assessment

Organizational Leadership Assessment

Student Leadership Assessment

Leadership Skills Assessment

Leadership Style Assessment

Leadership Qualities Assessment

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