Leadership Qualities Assessment

Leadership qualities are necessary for the successful running of any business or corporate institution. The leadership qualities assessment is designed to determine the best suitable candidate who will ensure success and a good working environment. This assessment helps a company to choose from the numerous applicants or employees and place the one who displays all the necessary skills and qualities required for the job.

Sample Leadership Qualities Assessment

Name: Matthew James

Date of Birth: 15th November, 1979

Topic: Leadership Qualities Assessment conducted by RPF Success Ltd.

Job sought by the candidate: Deputy Managing Director at Sandpaper and Co.

Purpose of Leadership Qualities Assessment:

  • We have created a standardized leadership qualities assessment which will help in selection of the candidate for Sandpaper and Co.
  • We have been associated with Sandpaper and Co. for 30 years and are well aware of their requirements in their employees
  • The exact leadership qualities have been highlighted in the assessment.

Factors based on which Leadership Qualities Assessment is held:

  • Enthusiastic to lead and with examples
  • Passionate and organized
  • Ability to delegate
  • Organized.
  • Responsible and able to communicate

Test designed for Leadership Qualities Assessment:

A particular employee has been sued by another company for breach of conduct (Check details on the overleaf). The scores for this test and an interview with the selection panel will help determine the selection of the candidate.

Findings of the Leadership Qualities Assessment:

Leadership Qualities of Matthew James is 67%

Mr. James is perfectly suited for this post and has displayed all the necessary leadership qualities.

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