Leadership Skills Assessment

Leadership skills assessment is conducted to determine which candidate has the required leadership skills to manage motivate and direct a company towards success. The assessment helps sieve through the candidates and choose one who possesses all the necessary skills to lead. Leadership is a required trait for any business institution to flourish and hence the assessment must be carefully conducted to ensure the proper selection of the candidate.

Sample Leadership Skills Assessment:

Name of Candidate: Tom Brown

Date of Birth: 23rd December, 1968

Topic: Leadership Skills Assessment by Leaders R Us Co.

Job position sought: Assistant CEO for Landtech Corporations

Purpose of Leadership Skills Assessment:

  • The leadership skills assessment is conducted for the selection of all candidates who apply for posts at Landtech Corporations
  • We have been part of the recruitment program for Landtech for 30 years now.
  • We are well acquainted with  leadership skills required by the employers at Landtech

Factors on which Leadership Skills Assessment is based:

  • Potential to motivate
  • Sincerity and uprightness
  • Ability to handle unexpected crisis
  • Authenticity and genuineness
  • Sincerity and enthusiasm
  • Desire to lead and win in any situation

Test designed for the Leadership skills assessment:

Two extremely different presentations made by two employees with the presentation scheduled in one hour (Check overleaf for more details). The overall scores and the interview with the selection panel will determine employment.

Findings of the Leadership Skills assessment:

Leadership skills of Tom Brown: 88%

Mr. Brown is the perfect candidate for the post and will deliver according to the requirements.

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