Leadership Style Assessment

The leadership style assessment particularly focuses on the ability and method with which a certain situation is handled and led by an individual. The leadership style is essential during pressure situation where the leader or the one in charge requires remaining calm and handling it with panache. The assessment conducted helps determine the best suitable candidate for the job and ensure higher success rates in corporate sectors.

Sample Leadership Style Assessment:

Name: John Don

Date: 5th February, 1989

Topic: Leadership Style Assessment taken up by Leading Citizens Corp.

Job: Manager at Reuben Steal Ltd.

Purpose of Leadership Style Assessment:

  • We have designed the test for the Leadership Style Assessment so that Reuben Steal Ltd is able to choose the most suitable candidate.
  • We have been part of recruiting on behalf of Reuben Steal Ltd for 4 years now.
  • We are fairly certain of all the required qualities needed for a post at Reuben Steal Ltd.

Factors on which the Leadership Style Assessment:

  • The candidate’s ability to handle pressure situation
  • Desire to lead and motivate
  • Enthusiasm and dedication
  • Being prepared for the unexpected.

Test designed on the Leadership Style Assessment:

Your key employee falls ill suddenly right at the point when the company needs to meet a deadline (Check overleaf for further details). The scores from the test and an interview with the selection panel will determine the candidate’s selection.

Findings in the Leadership Style Assessment:

Leadership style of John Don: 56%

Mr. Don is suitable for this job and displays all the necessary leadership qualities required.

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