Life Career Assessment

Life career assessment zooms in to the skills demanded for a particular career in life science. Life science includes a wide spectrum of careers that cover bland teaching jobs to exhilarating clinical or experimental jobs. The assessment is a strictly professional task that makes use of standardised tools to shape one’s career goals related to biology.

Sample Life Career Assessment

Name of the student: Jacob Fine

Designation: College student currently pursuing Honours in Biotechnology

Level of academic performance: Above average and consistent

Career objective: He aspires to make a mark in the field of biology by inventing new ideas and finely translating them into work. His main goal is to become a biomedical engineer.

Assessment tools: The tools used for this purpose revolve around the measurement of the person’s interest and aptitude that include close monitoring, interview and tests like DAT and GZII essentially.

Important observations from the assessment results:

  • He is an avid observer and has a natural tendency to gather information and facts about living beings.
  • Being passionate about life, he constantly keeps developing new modes and techniques of survival through tissue interchange and organ transplantation as laboratory assignment.
  • His concepts about application and use of medical imaging devices such as ultrasound, fluoroscopy, tomography, electron microscopy is pretty clear.
  • A primary observation reveals that he will prove good in research oriented tasks as he has an eye for perfection. Life science careers are a lot about research and experiments.
  • He has distinction marks in mathematics that legitimise his entry into this career epitomizing long mathematical equations.

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