Life Insurance Assessment

Life insurance assessment is a valid format of finding out the technical errors and planning deficiencies that may lead to the downfall of the policy entirely. It encompasses the various stages and process involved in understanding the validity of a life insurance policy. Thus the compilation of the report and other information should be done in order.

Sample Life Insurance Assessment

Life insurance assessment done in: Life Achievers

Life insurance assessment done by: Richter Arm

Date of compilation and submission: 6th February, 2011

Purpose of the assessment: The primary purpose of the assessment is to give the most suitable options as insurance plans to fit the requirements of the customer so that they get maximum support during their crisis in the form of full financial cooperation and policy standardization.

Tenets of the life insurance plans:

  • Certain physical and physiological tests will be done by our medical team or from a reliable clinic before actualizing the insurance contract. Handicapped dependent plans are separately on offer.
  • There is an age bar for customers below or above which they cannot subscribe to the health insurance plans on offer. Children’s education plans are designed separately for children below 10 years.

Assessment Result:

  • The money back policy is likely to draw and benefit most customers if the circumstances allow for the money back. The double and triple cover endowment plans come as a close second to that.
  • The educational annuity plan for children and whole life plan for adults on single premium or limited payment is expected to generate positive feedback from all customers.

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