Market Assessment Report

A market assessment report is an account that provides detailed information of a market assessment process and its corresponding findings. The format of such reports may vary with the nature of the market, its size, nature of products or services marketed there, type, quantity, cost, and also with the objectives and other specifications of an assessment for a particular market, but samples are mostly provided for the general market structure and its natural assessment. The assessment report should be precise and perfect, to establish the professional approach, yet should contain required description of all aspects of the market.

Sample Market Assessment Report:

Market Assessment Report


Textile Market

16, Palm Avenue

New York

Assessment conducted by: Andrew Peterson

[Executive Head]

State Board of Textile Production, Marketing, and Management

Assessment commissioned by: Select Stores, New York

Assessment team comprises of: Peter George [Manager]

Jennifer Hepburn [Marketing Head]

Date of assessment: 8th January, 2012

Objectives of assessment:

  • To prepare a thorough report of the textile market operating in New York [location mentioned earlier]
  • To assess the various types of textiles, their quality, appropriateness of costs, authenticity of materials, prospects for growth, and other such topics of concern.
  • To assure that the respective market has been assessed properly and conclusions stated in the report, to present a proof to customers as well as investors, when required.

Market Assessment Report:

  • Nature of the market
  • Quality of market
  • Cost
  • Authenticity

  • Longevity
  • The market is strong and well structured, thus executing successful business.
  • The textiles generally sold from this market are of a high standard and are eligible for export.
  • The costs are quite reasonable and customer-friendly.
  • The assessment report confirms that all the textiles and raw materials involved in this market are authentic and of nationally as well as internationally acceptable standards.
  • The textile fibres have been found to be extremely long lasting, even the super-fine ones.

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