Market Assessment Template

Market assessment template is a pre-developed layout which is used for determining the status of a particular business in a targeted market. This kind of template has to be developed with well-research and knowledge so that lineations for important factors to be filled in are rightly mentioned.

Sample Market Assessment Template

Market Assessment of ___________

[Here specify the name of the business whose status in the market has to be assessed]

Market Assessment Formulated by: ________________ [here mention the name and details of the authority by whom the particular market analysis is being drafted]

Dated: _________ [specify the date in which the particular assessment is conducted so as to keep a track of the document]

Purpose of the assessment:

This assessment is being solicited for the purpose of ___________________ [Mention the reason behind conducting and presenting the particular market analysis. This section has to be drafted elaborately so that the authority could essentially make pinpoint research so as to meet the business need in order to identify the areas of shortcomings]

Factors and Findings [Specify the factors and its related findings based upon which assessment is conducted]

  • Name of factor 1 _______________________

Findings of factor 1 _______________________

  • Name of factor 2 _______________________

Findings of factor 2 _______________________

  • Name of factor 3 _______________________

Findings of factor 3 _______________________

  • Name of factor 4 _______________________

Findings of factor 4 _______________________

  • Name of factor 5 _______________________

Findings of factor 5 _______________________

Assessment Report: [specify the points concluded from the particular market assessment]

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