Market Research Assessment

A market research assessment is a document that is prepared especially for the survey of a particular market and its size and potential for further development. This type of an assessment is generally performed as part of a research procedure that analyzes the particular market and its various prospects. A thorough research process of the specific market precedes the assessment and conclusions are drawn accordingly.

Sample Market Research Assessment:

Assessment conducted by: U.S Market for Digital Electronics

Assessment commissioned by: Intel Companies Pvt. Ltd

Members of the assessment team: Jacob Robertson [Executive Director]

Henry Peterson [Head of the Department, Marketing]

Mary Brown [Head of the Department, Research & Development]

Date of Assessment: 4th January, 2012

Nature of assessment: The primary objective of the assessment is market research. The market for digital goods and electronic items is fast booming, owing to the rapid rise in customer demands for the new and improved forms of technology. The research of the market structure, size, sales proportions, etc. is important for a thorough survey of the success of individual companies and firms operating business in the respective field or market.

Findings of the Market Research Assessment:

  • Early demonstration of market: The fundamental step of market research assessment was a thorough survey of the market and its nature. The basics of the market of digital electronics were studied and the market share of the involved company was gauged accordingly.
  • Estimation of current market status: The condition of the market in the present-day structure was studied through records and the future status was calculated (approximate analysis) from its growth curve.
  • Meeting customer demands: The concerned market has reacted favourably well to the demands and choices of its clients and can thus earn large profits.
  • Market competition: A major aspect of this assessment is to analyze the market properly and find out all the competitors and their hold in the market. The assessment shows the company to have won over most competitors, except for in certain areas, the report of which has been attached with the enclosed document.

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