Marketing Skills Assessment

A marketing skills assessment is a document which outlines the pros and cons of the marketing skills of an individual, a campaign, a company, a business organization, an institution, an advertisement and so on. The object of study and assessment is really varied and the assessment shall also vary depending upon the object being analysed and assessed. Thus this is a critical document which must be attended to very carefully by a professional.

Sample Marketing Skills Assessment

Name of salesperson: Jason Rogers

Position: Trainee Salesperson, Fabric

Employed by: Door Friends Pvt. Ltd.

Marketing skills assessment conducted by: Market Maniac Pvt. Ltd.

This marketing skills assessment is based on a project undertaken by us to compare and consider the working hours, work pattern, success rates, incomes, and other tangible and intangible details of a salesperson’s life. This project is sponsored by the US Human Rights Organization Pvt. Ltd. [USHRO] and the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

Pros [Marketing Skills]:

  • The marketing skills of the employee mentioned above have been above par. In the last one year, for which duration this project has been collecting data, the salesperson has sold 89.4% of the goods allotted to him. This is a rate which has also earned him rave reviews from his immediate superior.
  • The performance of the salesperson over the period mentioned above is also evident from the promotions, bonuses and incentives that have been offered to him.

Cons [Marketing Skills]:

  • The salesperson should consciously network more, and create a trust bank which can gain him more customers and greater goodwill.
  • Lack of experience is a bit of a deterrent which can only be overcome by confidence and greater exposure.
  • Linguistic fluidity in French is a must for the salesperson as he operates in an area where the inhabitants are primarily French speaking.

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