Medical Career Assessment

Medical career assessment is a unique tool to determine one’s future plans related to jobs on the field of medical science and whether he or she is on the right track for achieving it. This kind of a document reveals the competency of the concern person for acquiring a job position in this field. Therefore, it should be constructed lucidly, yet succinctly, by determining all the related factors.

Sample Medical Career Assessment

Name of the individual undergoing career assessment: Mithli Joseph

Highest Degree of Education: Pursuing M.B.B.S 1st year From Institute of Dental Research and Medical Science, USA

Intention of the participant:

The participant of this career assessment intends to build a career in Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, therefore undergoing a career assessment to gauge whether he or she is on the right track for achieving the targeted destination or not.

Tools used for carrying out a strategic medical career assessment:

  • Gathering the previous education details of the aspirant.
  • Various standardized test are being performed for assessing the cognitive abilities and interest of the concern participant.

Assessment Report:

Through various tests it has been solicited that the particular student is on the initial stage of medical science career. Therefore, his or her intention might change as the concern person has also shown interest for other fields of medical science rather than that of Cardio-Thoracic surgery. However, in order to build a strong career on this particular field of medical science one must perform a research on cardiovascular anatomy and physiology apart from the prescribed syllabus.

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