Medical Education Assessment

Medical education assessment is conducted to evaluate and assess the quality of medical education, offered by a particular institute. Medical education is a very inviting stream these days, as apart from clinical practices, it offers plenty of scope for other work as well, such as medical composition studies. This assessment is conducted by an experienced medication practitioner.

Sample Medical Education Assessment:

Name of the institution: Colbert Medical College.

Medical education assessment conducted by: Mr. Theodore Gray, senior medical practitioner.

Date of report submission: 10th of August, 2011.

Purpose of Assessment:

  • This medical education assessment has been commissioned by the Ministry of education, to improve the quality of medical education in the nation.
  • The purpose of this assessment is to find out the loopholes and weaknesses of the medical education, provided by the institute, and to ensure that quality education is imparted to the students.

Factors taken into consideration for medical education assessment:

  • Student teacher ratio.
  • A student’s performance in national level examinations.
  • The kind of placements students get after passing out from the institute.
  • The spot evaluation of students conducted by the medical practitioner, which included written test, interview and practical works.

Ratings: 9/10.

Performance of Colbert Medical College: This institution has excelled in imparting quality education to its students, for the last fifteen years. It involves some of the best faculty of the country and its ways of teaching are modern and innovative. Students passing out of this college get their placements at some of the best medical institutes of the world.

If the institute starts some short term courses for its students by international professors, then it shall prove to be beneficial for its students.

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