Medical Student Assessment

Medical student assessment calls for an examination of the potential of a medical student to emerge as good medical personnel in the future. It involves evaluation of the student’s medical knowledge and skills in order to assess his merit as a medical professional. The assessment can be a continuous one or a course-ending one performed to judge the progress of a medical student in the concerned course.

Sample Medical Student Assessment

Medical student assessment supervised by: Lanie Travis, Head of the Department.

Medical student assessment conducted for: Gooddoc Medical School.

Date of submission of assessment report: May 17, 2012.

Name of the medical student: Ashley Royce.

Objective of the assessment: To assess the performance of the concerned student in the previous year and analyze his medical skills and conceptual knowledge.

Time period of the assessment: May 18, 2011- May 17, 2012.

Assessment methodology:

  • Theoretical Test: The student was made to take a written examination designed to test his theoretical and conceptual knowledge about the various aspects of the medical profession.
  • Practical Test: The theoretical test is complemented by a practical test that involves evaluation of the student’s medical skills and his ability to apply his theoretical knowledge to real life situations.
  • Projects and Presentation: The examinations are further complemented by a set of internal assessments wherein the student is made to prepare projects and presentations in order to test his comprehensibility of the things taught in class.
  • Interaction and class participation: This is a kind of formative assessment conducted throughout the course wherein the performance of the student in class is scrutinized to assess his interest in the subject, involvement in class and retention abilities.


  • The two-fold examination assessment (theoretical and practical) report suggests that the student has grasped his topics well and is conceptually sound.
  • The internal assessments showcase his interpretive and executive abilities.
  • He is found to be active in class and has an aptitude for medical studies.

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