Mental Health Assessment

A mental health assessment is a document which outlines the current condition of mental health services of a hospital, a psychiatrist’s clinic or any organization or workspace. Mental health is a crucial factor which plays an important role in anyone’s life and thus mental health assessment can form a critical role in any workspace. The reports documented must specify why the assessment was carried out.

Sample Mental Health Assessment

Name of clinic: Sunshine Mental Health Clinic.

Year of establishment: 1984

Mental health assessment conducted by: Mentaid Pvt. Ltd. [A non-governmental organization established in 1992]

Purpose of mental health assessment:

  • This mental health assessment is a document tracing the current scenario in clinics and hospitals as far as the mental health and emotional health sector is concerned.
  • The review was prompted by the increase in the number of student suicides in this academic year. This mental health assessment seeks to find out the support systems and proper counseling facilities available for such individuals who need a helping hand.
  • The several factors considered in this mental health assessment include the client profile of a clinic, the number of trained doctors/psychologists available, and the kind of round the clock services available for people in distress as well as counseling systems available.

Mental health assessment for Sunshine Mental Health Clinic:

  • The number of trained professionals available at the clinic is 12. This is commendable as their number of patients have increased exponentially over the years.
  • The counseling services [i.e. round the clock services offered or helpline lines] can do with improvement. Not only is it difficult to get a call through, the personnel manning help lines are often not qualified to offer assistance.

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