Military Career Assessment

Military career assessment is a tool to gauge a person’s determination in joining a military career. Such an assessment document is equipped with various determining factors for the purpose of appraisement as the career involves competent skills, devotion of serving one’s nation, unique values and strong confidence.

Sample Military Career Assessment

Name of the participant for career assessment: Andrews Simons

Age: 26 years

Purpose of the career assessment:

This career assessment is being solicited to determine whether the participant of this assessment do have a sincere desire for a career in military or not. Even, it determines various factors to find the competency and psychological make up of the person who intends to acquire a position in this field.

Tools implemented for a military career assessment:

The tools are being categorized in three processes as it is being prepared and administered and the ways by which it is being implemented.

  • Psychological test: This test is being performed to assess the mental set-up of an aspirant as this field desire confidence and power of enduring hardships. It also helps to gauge an individual’s devotion for the work.
  • Technical Knowledge: Military jobs involve technical knowledge of handling various equipments. This tool helped to gauge the cognitive ability of the candidate of dealing with essential and crucial military arms and equipments.
  • Education qualification and skills: This tool helped to identify the highest degree of the aspirant and whether the individual have work traits related to this field or not.

Assessment Result: Assessing all the reports of the performed test the individual scored 7.5 on a scale of 10.

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