Most Effective Assessment Methods

Assessment is an act of judging a condition, an event or a person. Most effective assessment methods are carried out in various sectors like health, education, politics, risks etc.

There are two types of assessments.

  • Formal assessment
  • Informal assessment

Effective assessment methods

Assessment through tests
selected answers
In this method, the students should answer the questions like multiple choice questions, match the following, fill-in-the-blanks, true or false. Based on these types of questions the skills and understanding the subject is assessed.

Written response assessments
In this type of method, the students are asked to write the answer for a given question.

Assessment based on the performance
This method is based on the observation. Here the performance is observed and judged according to the performance.

Teachers use quizzes to measure students’ power of understanding. In this method questions are asked regarding the lesson. This type of assessment is useful when reviewing for a test. Individual quizzes are given to students or groups of students to complete a quiz.

Oral test assessment
Oral test assessment falls under the category of formal assessment. Pronunciation and fluency in the language is assessed using oral test assessment.

Journal is an effective means of assessment. In this candidates are asked to write their feelings and thoughts about how they are performing in the class. Students can also express their likes or dislikes about a particular assignment. This gives the information of how effective a certain lesson plan was.

Interview is another method which is effectively used in assessing the candidates. These interviews reveal the talent or skills of the candidates.

Portfolio is a collection of candidate works. It helps in assessing the performance of the candidates.

Self assessment
Self assessment is a process which helps in finding out one’s own skills, personality, value, interests for a career choice.


Personality assessment
Personality assessment is a questionnaire which is used in the analysis of the nature of an individual including honesty tests, cognitive features and intelligence ratio. These days, employers are carrying out the personality assessments to hire the candidates.

Peer assessment
Peer assessment is a process in which the work or performance of one student is assessed by other students. Through this method the students can get an idea of their own learning. It provides the candidates with the sense of leadership. It helps in increasing the feedback to the candidates or the students.

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