Music Education Assessment

A music education assessment is conducted by a musician or a music teacher, to evaluate the quality of musical education, offered by an institute. The assessment is done by an experienced musician or professor of music, with the help of certain tools like the instruments provided by the institute, the procedure of admission and evaluation, their scope and other related tools.

Sample Music Education Assessment:

Name of the institution: London School of Dance and Music.

Music education assessment conducted by: Mr. Dan Sable, senior music teacher.

Date of report submission: 12th of January, 2011.

Nature of institution: London School of Dance and Music is a prestigious institute, offering quality musical education. It admits its students on the basis of performance tests. It offers two courses; one regular course and one certificate course. The courses are open to all, who is above 15 years of age.

Advantage of the course:

  • London school of dance and music’s education course is believed to be the best music education course offered in the country. The trainers and professors are extremely talented in their own specialized fields.
  • The procedure of teaching is quite novel and innovative and doesn’t limit itself to theory or practical only, but tends to be interdisciplinary.
  • The institute’s musical equipments are absolutely modern which assists to provide world-class education to the students.

Rating: 9/10.

Suggestions for improvement: Apart from providing regular musical education, the institute must tie up with other organizations like recording houses, fresher studios, etc. so that students get to execute their talent with proper incentive. This would encourage admission of more students to the institute.

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