National Security Assessment

National security assessment consists of the various steps taken in order to examine the security of a nation. It is a broad area and there are many factors to be considered while undertaking the responsibility of analyzing a county’s security. A nation may be at risk from within or from outside forces. There may be online attacks on confidential intelligence database or physical attacks on the citizens of the nation. Since the scope of national security assessment is so large, it is usually broken down to different areas and a team arranged by the government is entrusted with examining the security measures and if there is any possible threat.

Sample National Security Assessment:

The following risk assessment has been made by New Scrutiny Agency, Washington DC

Area of assessment: The US-Mexican Border

Objective of assessment: To examine the security measures applied at the border and analyze if they are effective or not and suggest measures which will help avoid further risks to the nation


  • The fenced border is under constant vigilance by the armed forces, however, there may be some stretches of land that are vulnerable

Assumptions and limitations:

  • Although a sizeable number of armed forces are deployed at the border, it is not possible for them to scout every inch and this is exploited by terrorists
  • Nevertheless, security measures are effective as last month two people with 20 pounds of grenade and 10 rifles were captured

Security requirements:

  • Vigilance must be more intense in order to capture those with interests harmful to national security and there must be clear communication between different check posts.

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