Network Security Assessment

Network security assessment is the evaluation of the various measures taken by the network administrator to protect the network from any unauthorized access, misuse and modification of the network. Every day more and more people conduct their daily transactions or communicate about personal or professional matters through the network. Some networks are private to which only a few people have access, while others may be public and have unlimited access. No matter what the nature of the network is, it is at risk from many quarters and hence the security assessment helps one to avoid those threats and undertake counter measures to avoid such incidents.

Sample Network Security Assessment:

The following risk assessment has been made by Tech View, Michigan

Name: Success Institutes

Address: 922 One Hill Drive, Michigan

Objective of assessment: To identify any threats to the institutes’ network system and suggest measures by which those risks can be avoided

Executive summary:

  • The institute’s network has a unique name and password and only those who are part of the network have access to it. The network security assessment aims to protect the network and monitor the various operations conducted

Assumptions and limitations:

  • The network has a one-factor authentication process, that is, a password
  • The current firewall has failed to stop Trojan worms in the past which had affected the entire network

Security requirements:

  • The authentication process must be made more secure and a new firewall must be installed in the network to protect the users
  • The anti-virus and anti-malware software must be updated in order to protect the users and their files

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