New Job Assessment

A new job assessment is a document, which is generally prepared in a way so as to evaluate the objectives, nature and the effects of a certain job that is either new in the market or new to some particular employee. The assessment is to be done very carefully such that the benefits as well as drawbacks of the job can be determined properly and corresponding developments and even employee improvement can be planned.

Sample New Job Assessment:

Name of the company: HighTech Communications Pvt. Ltd

Assessment done for the job of: Employee in the Communication and Network Development department

Job overview:

The job requires employees who have a sound and clear knowledge of communication engineering and networking, as this is the very base on which the functioning and profitability of our company depends. It is a very crucial job and whoever applies for it must have thorough information regarding the subject, not just theoretically but also practically such that he/ she can implement it for the progress of our company.

Purpose of the assessment:

Since the job demands an inflow of newer ideas to keep up with the technological advancements, we have decided to perform a thorough assessment of this section of the company in the prospects of a new job. The academic skills are not just enough to gain the job, one needs to possess several other practical knowledge and abilities to earn this job and successfully handle it, such as:

  • Ability to develop newer ideas and implement them.
  • Ability to establish economical yet effective communication networks, that will be of ultimate help to all sections of people.
  • Excellent inter-personal skills and fluency in languages to efficiently communicate with different people and other companies.
  • Leadership qualities as well as the ability to properly function in a group and motivate others.
  • Will to take up responsibilities and give utmost effort for the betterment of job and the company.

Expected salary for the new job: $650000

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