Newborn Health Assessment

A newborn health assessment is an investigation and a thorough analysis of the health of a newborn. Since they are most delicate, and their health problems can create serious challenges to doctors and medical experts, such assessments are particularly challenging. Newborn health assessments can either be conducted on one specific infant, or they can be used to assess the health of newborns in general which involves different kinds of data.

Sample Newborn Health Assessment:

Nature of newborn health assessment in the Northern states of India: The following health assessment has been commissioned by the Ministry of Child Welfare, Government of India, to probe into the high infant mortality rate. The survey was carried out in five stated in North India, and the results are presented below [check overleaf for details of the survey conducted]:

  • The infant mortality rate is around the region of 5% which is abysmal.
  • The rate of female foeticide is nearly 20%.
  • The chief causes of infant mortality are: Malnourishment, improper weaning habits, infection, post natal complications, complications in premature babies.
  • Chief states affected: Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh
  • There has been a 0.78% rise in infant mortality rate in 2009 compared to 2005

Preventive measures needed urgently:

  • Families should be made aware of unhealthy habits during pregnancy that can cause serious damage to the foetus and shorten the infant’s lifespan or result in terminated pregnancies.
  • Lack of proper nourishment for both child and mother must be addresses immediately.
  • Female foeticide is a culture stigma that has to be eradicated with education.

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