Nursing Assessment Format

Nursing assessment is considered as one of the important tool of nursing process. Nurses use this tool to gather detailed information required to write the patient’s care plan and diagnosis procedures. Such an appraisal document is important to determine whether the patients are properly taken care off or not. Hence, nursing assessment format has to be standardized and lucidly framed so that it helps in finding the best result.

Sample Nursing Assessment Format

Hospital Name:

The name of the medical institute has to be mentioned initially so as to determine the kind of medical implications and nursing care devoted to the patients by the particular medical organization.

Nursing Assessment Prepared by:

It is essential to specify the name of the authority by which the nursing assessment is being prepared in order to establish its credentials.

Tools Used:

In this section one can discuss about the tools and strategies that are being employed to find out the exact information about patient’s nursing and health care treatment offered by the particular healthcare organization.

Considered Factors:

One should elaborate in details about the factors that are being taken into consideration for the process of assessment. Even the findings related to each factor have to be enunciated in order to draw a proper line of conclusion.


Finally, a conclusion has to be enumerated by taking all the satisfactory and dissatisfactory points into consideration. Moreover, this section has to be written with thorough research and clarity so that it contributes in improving the present diagnosis or nursing status.

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