Nursing Career Assessment

Nursing career assessment is the tool employed to figure out if a candidate meets the criteria laid down for a nursing job. Its principal focus is on the candidate’s ability to render manual care and kindness to patients. It must be done in the rightful manner to make optimum use of the result in taking the ultimate decision.

Sample Nursing Career Assessment

Name of the candidate: Helen Folk

Academic credentials:

  • BA course in Nursing
  • Correspondent course in Nursing (MA degree)

Need for assessment: Patience and stamina form the backbone of successful service in nursing jobs. The assessment is a way to judge the presence of these elements of a nursing job and their measure in the applicant.

Method:  DDI Nursing Career Battery Test is a recognised tool for assessment and evaluation of prospective nurses that quantifies the psychological and scientific areas considered for taking up a nursing job in hospitals or nursing homes.

Direction of assessment: The assessment is directed at discovering the major personality factors that are consistent as well as incompatible with the concerned career.

Steps of the assessment:

  • The test is conducted in most of the well-equipped hospitals and clinical centres who can be easily contacted for further details on the matter.
  • Suitable time and venue information has to be taken from the authorities.
  • The syllabus and content of the test may be learnt by consulting appropriate sources. The questions are principally based on reasoning, mathematics and chemistry.
  • The score on the test finally decides if the candidate will be chosen for the job.

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