Nursing Depression Assessment

A nursing depression assessment is an exercise which is aimed at understanding the work hazards of nurses in hospitals, especially in certain departments like Acute Care or the Intensive Unit. Care should be taken to give it a form that will be understood by everyone, and to design it in a constructive and effective manner, so that the results of the nursing depression assessment can effect a change in the working conditions of nurses.

Sample Nursing Depression Assessment

This is an abstract of a study proposed as collaboration between RS Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. and Nurses Guild of Delaware. This is sponsored by the American Council of Health and Research, and is aimed at understanding the factors that can lead to depression among nurses.

We value the nursing community for its tireless and dedicated service to humanity, and this study shall be used to suggest changes and improvements in the working conditions of the nurses of the hospital. Based on the changes made in RS Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. a chain of changes will also be initiated in other hospitals in the state, and hopefully, in the country as a whole.

Factors to be assessed:

  • A team of 47 nurses who work in various departments and shifts of the hospital will be examined to understand their daily problems which can become causes of stress and depression.
  • They will be examined by trained specialists to discover symptoms of clinical depression. Adequate suggestions to address this insidious problem will be taken.
  • Some of the factors to be examined in minute details include: The lack of adequate knowledge about the job, high traffic and work pressure as a consequence, the lack of adequate resources, mental and physical, provided by the hospital authorities, hectic time schedules, presence of lack of it of a counselor on the hospice premises and so on.
  • Lack of motivation and lack of supervisory support will also be investigated.

Date for submission of report: 23rd June 2012

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