Nursing Education Assessment

A nursing education assessment is a document which outlines the manner in which a nursing education system of a state or a region can be analyzed, evaluated and commented on. This is needed to make a necessary reconnaissance. Improvements must be made upon a survey of the existing infrastructure, technology, professors and opportunities available to students of nursing.

Sample Nursing Education Assessment

Date of nursing education assessment: 13th June 2012

Nursing education assessment compiled by: Board of Nursing Studies, Department of Health and Human Services, Delaware

Purpose of nursing education assessment:

  • Evaluate existing data to ensure that standards are adhered to in the 12 nursing schools of the state.
  • To create a body of discourse which can then be used to make changes, improvements and introduce alternative strategies of pedagogy.

Methodology employed in compiling this report:

  • Our survey team consisting of Dr. Parnell Wayne, Lady Samantha Robbins, and Mr. Aldeb Rogers surveyed the 12 nursing schools of the state over a period of a year, including making detailed inventories of technology, infrastructure, classroom teaching, laboratory setup, practical application, internships, provision for employment and placement and so on.

Findings obtained from the survey conducted:

  • In the last one year there has not been much improvement in the rate of admission or graduation from vocational nursing programs, making academic disinterest one of the primarily reasons for the attrition of interest and enthusiasm in this field. This needs to be addressed immediately.
  • The two degrees which have seen a significant rise in the percentage of candidates applying are baccalaureate degree and the associate degree in nursing.
  • Lack of budgeted faculty position, lack of infrastructure and lack of adequate classroom and clinical space have been some of the chief reasons for the shortage of candidates in the application phase. This is common to all the 12 government run nursing schools in the state of Delaware.

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