Nursing Evaluation Assessment

The nursing evaluation assessment is a process through which a medical facility is examined. This is done in terms of the nursing quality provided. The nurses are responsible for ensuring that the patients get the right care in the absence of doctors, especially. The nurses need to identify the needs, abilities and preferences of all admitted patients. The assessment processes involve interviews conducted for the nurses and also reports and feedback received from patients.

The nurses will be evaluated on the basis of their ability to identify the patients’ symptoms and diagnose correctly. These reports and assessment will indicate the medical facility’s aptness in hiring the right sort of nursing staff to take care of patients. Nurses should be properly trained in testing, monitoring and examining patients. He or she should be able to handle adverse situations. The assessment seeks to test how complete the nursing care provided to all patients is.

Sample Nursing Evaluation Assessment:

Name of Hospital: Holy Child Nursing Care

Nursing Staff: 45, 34 women and 11 men.

Doctors in charge: 20 and 3 visiting physicians

The following assessment has been created to examine the nursing care provided in the year 2011- 2012 to 500 patients admitted. Please answer accordingly:

  1. Has there been prompt action during the initial stages of admissions? Yes/ No
  2. Were there any problems regarding providing proper bedding services to the patient concerned? Some/ None/ Not yet provided
  3. Have the nurses been helpful in terms of updating the patient’s family with daily happenings? Certainly/ Not at all
  4. Were proper tests done as soon as the doctor in charge stated the diagnosis? Prompt/ Slow/ Delayed
  5. How have the overall demeanor been of the nurses and other staff members? Friendly/ Professional/ Cold
  6. Have you been given the required medical attention? Definitely/ No

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