Nursing Health Assessment

Nursing health assessment is a medical procedure where the overall health status of a patient is assessed. The patient can range from being mere toddlers to senior citizens. This type of assessment is necessary and is done periodically to ensure that the patient fulfils all the medical criteria for being health. Therefore, a nurse health assessment must be conducted carefully.

This is usually done, under the supervision of the doctor, by a highly trained nurse. The nurse health assessment must also record all the observations that pertain to the patient’s health needs and care.

Sample Nursing Health Assessment:

Patient: Mike Chad

Age: 17 years

Name of Doctor in charge: Dr. Tim Matthews

Nurse conducting the health assessment: Rita Carey

Name of Nursing Facility: Goodwill Nursing Health Care

Purpose of Nursing Health Assessment:

Goodwill Nursing Health Care is well known for its well equipped health care facility and a highly trained nursing staff. This nursing facility has a large group of skilled and reputed doctors in different specialized medical fields.

This assessment is being solicited in order to ensure that the patient is provided with a thorough nursing care and medical examination so that that there are no ailments or threats to the body

Outcome of the Nursing Health Assessment:

The patient, Mike Chad, is overall healthy and does not face any critical health issues. He, however, suffers from mild acne and has been prescribed with the proper medication by Dr. Mattews.

Mr. Chad is requested to come back for his regular check up after six months.

Prescribed Medication: Facelin Plus (ointment)

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